Friday, January 20, 2012

Ulangtahun DFC Ke 5 : Sejarah Pembinaan Laman Web & Penubuhan Dafi FC

Untuk pengetahuan semua berikut adalah sinopsis pembinaan laman web dan penubuhan Kelab Peminat Dafi Malaysia

The site was founded on March 22nd, 2007 by Syazwan, who are working and studying in France at that time. Upon its creation, the site existed as a simple fan listing dedicated to Dafi. With help from Adi, an IT teacher from Alor Setar, and Ray Eusouff a flight crew from Kuala Lumpur, this site has turned to more than just a fan listing.

Syazwan also contacted Mr Vernon Kedit Jolly through the internet to ask for help. Mr Vernon and NanaAF1 then, approached Dafi's family for the web official approval on 26th March 2007. Puan Naziemah was named as the first protem president of Dafi FC on 7th April 2007 by Dafi's family during the official launched of The Official Dafi Fan Club.

During this time, Dafi was still a student in a reality show Akademi Fantasia 5 and know nothing about the set up of this website and his official fan club. It wasn’t until June 2007, when Dafi was eliminated from AF5, that the singer began to received surprises of the above arrangement.

Dafi's "first ever meet the fans session" by his official fan club was held in Bukit Jalil on 16th June 2007. About a month later, on 7th July 2007 Dafi has appointed Ray Eusouff as his first fan club president together with his fan club committee also known as VID - Very Important Dafinites.

What distinguishes dafi-fc from other fansites is that Ray maintains a special relationship with Dafi himself. Since then, Ray has been in touch with Dafi on a regular basis, confirming the latest news surrounding his career, fan club events and any of his upcoming projects. It's also because of the fan club different approached in handling any of its events and with DFC's tagline "Dare To Be Different". Dafi also visited the website or regular basis and drop comments in all the postings under username "iamdafi".

In an article early of 2008, published by Rosli Manah of URTV, he also name DafiFC as the most active FC in 2007 in terms of organizing an event for fans.

Emilia Basri was appointed as DFC 2nd President on 8th May 2008. Rosnani Ab Aziz recently appointed as DafiFC 3rd President on May 1st 2010.

As Dafi’s fame continued to grow exponentially, so did and his fan club.

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one of the best artist fanclub in Malaysia :) congrats DFC